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How to Choose a Limo

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Imagine on your special day, the limo is running about an hour late. Yikes! And when it finally shows, you wish you could poke your head in the ground like an ostrich amidst your guests hoping they don't notice the baseball sized dent on the left side and the multiple key scratches all along the other side of the old 1996 'limo'. Finding the right Limo Company sure can be daunting. Do a simple Google search or flip through the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages, and you will be swimming in an ocean of limo companies. Fair Warning: Not all are created equal! As an insider from Summit Limo for 6 years, I have composed this guide to walk you through step by step to having a worry-free experience.

1. Go Local- Like fruits and vegetables, go local. The more local the company, the better their rates would probably be. Look for a real physical address. Be aware that some limo companies try to post multiple listings in various cities to promote their listing.

2. Raves and Reviews- Life is not long enough to learn only from your mistakes, so learn from others. Turn to social media. Look for their Facebook page or their blog to size up their authenticity and popularity. If they have quite a large fan base, the more legit the company probably is. Be sure to skim over their general reviews and star ratings, such as on Yahoo Local.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words- Look for authentic photos. If you browse enough, you will start seeing the exact same photo of an immaculate stretch Hummer over and over across multiple limo websites. Some companies post photos of their customers on their Facebook page with the limo as the backdrop. A natural photo is much more representative of the limo that will be arriving, not the fancy stock photos that are merely copied and pasted on to a site.

4. Southern Hospitality- I'm a Jersey girl now, but my Southern upbringing sure had an impact on me. Call up a few companies and see who has the time and courtesy to answer your questions and walk you through the process. In addition, you need a reliable company that always answers the phone, not one that goes to a personal mailbox.

5. Over-rated- When comparing rates, compare final totals. Some limo companies quote only base rates and tack on charges and hidden fees like no tomorrow after you reserve. Gratuity, STC surcharge, fuel charge, credit card processing fee, travel time or garage to garage just to name a few can easily double the original figure.

6. Tricky Terms- Make sure you read their Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy carefully before signing anything. Most importantly, you want to make sure you have time to cancel, if needed, without losing a deposit.

7.       Get it in Writing- Most limo companies caught up with technology and email you a confirmation where important trip and payment information are clearly communicated. Double-check the dates, times, and addresses carefully to ensure your event goes smoothly as planned.

Date Added: January 23, 2013 08:14:49 PM
Author: Amanda